40OF5PicLiving ADDventure® provides comprehensive coaching and support to all who live with - and alongside ADHD. ADHD Coaching, alongside the other elements in ADHD Basic Treatment Wheel is a critial element in learning to manage the condition effectively and sustainably.

ADHD occurs across a continuum from exceedingly hyperactive to the opposite extreme to being almost inert except for tiny almost imperceptible movements

Four out of 5 children with the condition have at least one parent with the condition

Females tend to have what is described as the Inattentive Presentation, but not exclusively, while males tend to have predominantly the Hyperactive Presentation, about 10% each.

The Pareto Principle – the concept of 80 to 20 – figures significantly in descriptions and definitions of ADHD

Depending on diagnostic rates in different countries, the incidence of ADHD is somewhere between 10% and 20% of a population or any group of people.

ADHD is a neurological condition – you are born with it, and you will die with it. The best you can do is minimise the negative aspects and maximise the positives aspects – and there are excellent positive aspects.

ADHDTypesIt was previously thought that for every 7 males, there was 1 female. In most countries, that figure has dropped down to two-to-one, and even equal.

ADHD is the most common of all neurological conditions. It always has at least two conditions that walk alongside, anxiety and depression. The conventional wisdom says that if ADHD is diagnosed, then it must be treated, and then you treat what is left. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen in practice.

The Living ADDventure® Coaching programs are multi-disciplinary covering all aspects of the condition, including dealing with related and co-occurring conditions that always accompany ADHD. The coaching material includes theory in the form of documents, illustrations, video, and audio clips.