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GraveyardThe only completely consistent people are the dead. - Aldous Huxley  If this is true, then ADDers are as far from dead as anyone could wish to be. Consistency is not a word that is ever applied to ADDers.

 We react to whatever pops up in front of us and bounce from ecstatic happiness to the depths of despair or a state of rage in the blink of an eye and back again just as quickly - mostly. The problem is we also brood and make movies so our reality becomes distorted. We visualise ourselves being as successful as Oprah while we watch her show, then we skip to Sky News and it is crime, war, financial ruin and geographical devastation. Suddenly we are caught up in this negative mood and the world turns black.

Even if you don't have ADHD you are not immune to mood swings. The world is crazy and most of us are lost and confused and scared.

Many women battle with PMS and based on our clients experiences those with ADHD struggle with PMS even more severely. 

So how can we make it a bit easier for ourselves to cope and not lose the love and respect of those we live and work with?

Learn to listen to your body and your mind

Until I was diagnosed with ADHD and did the Coaching Programme I was very unaware of the effect I had on others. It has been humiliating to look back and realise just how irrational some of my behaviour had been. I was strong and could cope and still perform as normal even when I felt rotten ... or so I believed.

I have learned to stop and acknowledge the black mood that is beginning to descend or the little things that don't usually irritate but are suddenly really bugging me.

JumpingJoyEven when I am getting over excited and dreaming and scheming I have to stop and say ""is this is real?""

Keep a diary (Google Calendar)

Do these mood swings follow a monthly pattern? Could they be hormonal? If so visit your doctor.


Because I never knew whether it is hormones, stress, my ADHD or a combination of all 3, I asked my psychiatrist for advice. He suggested taking an extra anti-depressant on the particular day when I was really struggling. It seems to help.

Warn Your Family and Good Friends

Be honest. Say, ""I am struggling emotionally today and I really don't want to do or say things I might regret"". Please don't provoke me and if possible let me work through this. If you see your children struggling with bad moods instead of yelling at them, ackowledge how they are feeling and suggest they take a non-punishment time out. Let them go to their rooms to be alone to play or read or ask if a quiet cuddle will help.