Written by Dave Pughe-Parry Dave Pughe-Parry
Last Updated: 08 September 2019 08 September 2019


It's that time of the year and I have again been flooded with pleas to “help my child pass the year, please!”

This is a really tough ask, both for the child and for me.

To meet this need we are providing a special Emergency Study & Learning Skills course. This is the same course we are launching next year, just crammed into 3 weeks, instead of 3 months.

This stressful tragedy happens every year, and it’s not ideal for the student, or for me. The dilemma of providing learning skills in the midst of high-pressure studying time simply doesn’t work. Learning the skills takes away valuable studying time. The skills are therefore not embedded, nor are they routine.

That all the students I have helped over the years in this situation have passed their exams is not neither here or there, it just shouldn’t happen.

Distraction makes learning very difficult. Everything goes into the brain in bits and pieces, and/or with time gaps. All this conspires to make learning complicated - even impossible in subjects we don’t like.

For ADDers this is the worst time of the academic year. This is not because they are not bright or clever; its because they don’t know how much work they have to study, and they don’t know how much time we have to study, and they don’t know where to start. To make matters worse, short-term memory loss and distractions increase the difficulty studying and learning by a significant order of magnitude.

Our Living ADDventure® Learning & Study Skills Course is a 9 module course (plus one for the parents) that will run properly next year in February, in May, and then again in August.

EmergencyCourseDiagramThe course format consists of live webinar sessions, with access to the online-only course material. Students have access to the online course material until the end of the year.

This “crisis course” will be compressed into 3 tight weeks starting 9th September and finishing 3 weeks later on the 29th September.

The parents module empowers them to support their ADHD children because they will have learnt how to support ADHD children effectively.

The cost of this “crisis course” in R2 300

You can learn all about the course here, and sign up!