It Bypasses My Brain And Comes Straight Out My Mouth (Unintentionally)

unattendedSized"My grandchild always talks in class! The teacher says he disrupts the other children. They don't want him in the class. What can I do Dave?" said the desperate granny to me on the phone recently.

Later the same day I saw an email from reknowned speaker and author, Nikki Bush about restaurants refusing entrance to patrons if they have children with them. I have sympathy with those restaurant owners. At the same time my heart sank as I realized that most of the children described in the article could have ADHD.

The difference between children that have ADHD and simply badly behaved children is the concept of " intentional."

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Au Pairs - Learn to work with ADHD Families

childrenplayingBeing an au pair requires many skills. You are looking after someone else’s child/children and depending on your scope of work you are driving, bathing, feeding, doing homework and many other tasks that are involved in being a surrogate parent. In addition, you are required to maintain a delicate balancing act where you carry out your duties but don’t become Mom or Dad as this can cause conflict between you and your employer.

Parenting is tough and when you are a parent with ADHD, have an ADHD spouse and children, it is a whole different ballgame.

Everyone needs to work together as a team including the Parents, the Au Pair, grandparents, teachers, extra mural coaches etc.

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