childrenplayingBeing an au pair requires many skills. You are looking after someone else’s child/children and depending on your scope of work you are driving, bathing, feeding, doing homework and many other tasks that are involved in being a surrogate parent. In addition, you are required to maintain a delicate balancing act where you carry out your duties but don’t become Mom or Dad as this can cause conflict between you and your employer.

Parenting is tough and when you are a parent with ADHD, have an ADHD spouse and children, it is a whole different ballgame.

Everyone needs to work together as a team including the Parents, the Au Pair, grandparents, teachers, extra mural coaches etc.

Boundaries need to be set, agreed to and implemented by everyone involved with the ADHD child to prevent manipulation and playing one Parent or Caregiver off against another.

As an au pair or a wannabee au pair, why don’t you add all these skills to your CV by doing the Living ADDventure Online ADHD Parenting Course?

Living ADDventure has been training and coaching parents, adults, families, teachers and medical professionals about ADHD for the past 18 years.

You get:

  • lifetime access to the course, so you can refresh your knowledge or seek support from anywhere in the world that has internet access.
  • You will receive a certificate on completion.There are 12 modules with videos and notes and free e-mail support..
  • It is accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Living ADDventure® Parenting Course Content:

  1. Introduction To ADHD
    • What it is and what it isn't
    • ADHD Myths & Legends
    • How The ADHD Brain Works
    • Genetics
  2. The Diagnostic Process
    • Symptoms vs Impairments
    • The Types of ADHD
    • Critical Steps In The Process
  3. Co-Occurring Conditions
    • 5 Categories of Co-Occurring Conditions
    • The Extremes Of ADHD
    • Bi-Polar and ADHD Mood Swings
  4. The Living ADDventure® Basic Treatment Wheel - Multi-disciplinary Treatment
    • To medicate or not – that’s NOT the right question!
    • The basic treatment components
    • Sport and Exercise
  5. Codependency
    • Characteristics
    • Behavioural symptoms
    • Changing the behaviour
  6. Parenting - The Toughest Job In The World
    • Lead Lions – don’t herd cats
    • Consistent structure
    • Half-a-4-letter word
    • Us against the problem
  7. The Role of The Family - Part 1
    • Hiding Your Buttons
    • Parents working together
    • Setting goals
    • The Importance of family meetings
  8. The Role of The Family - Part 2
    • No more rules
    • Setting boundaries
    • Determining appropriate discipline
    • Disciplines 4’s
  9. Inspiring Positive Attitude
    • Choosing wisely
    • I can do this
    • Being my best NOW is the best I can be
    • Attitude is a decision
  10. Failing For Success
    •  What is failing?
    • Lazy buds and late bloomers
    • Enthusiastic failures
    • Learning from failure
    • Allowing your child to fail
  11. Communication and ADHD
    • Everyday communication
    • Ears and mouth – the correct proportion
    • Filling the gaps
    • Engaged listening
    • Deep sexy voices
    • Body language
  12. Creating Consistent Structure.
    • Adapting the physical environment
    • De-cluttering
    • Minimizing distractions
    • Family structure

All this for only R495.00 (approx $34 US)

Click here for full details and to get started now.Pat Pughe-Parry