MathsHomework can be a real problem for ADDers.

There are more distractions, usually less supervision, and well, home is not school is it?

I would often spend until 9pm trying to complete my homework, and if it was maths, it was mostly just left undone - I had no one to ask for help.

I know of lots of ADHD kids who “never” have homework - until they get caught out. Sadly, many slip through the homework cracks.

So how do you improve home work productivity?

The first thing is to take an interest in what needs to be done. Even if both parents are working, it should be the second item on your to-do list when you get home. The first is to say hello, and express how pleased you are to see them! Thats not hard, but if you think about it, ADHD kids seldom get a loving welcome.

Sit down in a dedicated place and spend the time going through the work-list. Do this in a loving way, express sympathy at the amount of work there is, and perhaps even how hard it looks to be.

Praise the child for work achieved. Praise always happens first.

Then go through the rest of the list, ask for their homework to-do list, if it’s been done, praise again. If it hasn’t been done, ask that it is done, set up a timer - about 5 minutes is more than enough time to produce an action-plan.

What helps enormously is to get each item on the list written onto a separate piece of paper, so that a priority list can be created, and items shuffled easily, and visually!

Once the plan is agreed, the work starts. Having a plan like the one described above, should be the first thing the ADDer child should when they get home. This takes away a anxiety, as they have “an idea” of how long it will take to complete.

Throughout the afternoon/evening, be supportive. Taking a glass of juice or tea through will produce far better results than chastising your child for being too slow, or threatening that sleep is going to be in short supply, or that a planned weekend trip is in danger of not happening.

Getting most of the homework done properly is better than having nothing done, or done poorly.

Success breed success.