ADHD Workshops 101

Email Treatment WheelADHD is a complex condition, and therefore needs to be treated by multiple interventions, for example see our Basic Treatment Wheel here.

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ADHD Talks Break Through Barriers

TalkAudienceAttending an ADHD talk is usually the breakthrough for many people who live with and alongside ADHD.

This is where a new and positive journey begins, for the whole family.

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Book Me For a Great Talk On ADHD

MeMontageI have given countless talks on ADHD since I started Living ADDventure® almost 20 years ago.

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Talks & Workshops Overview

Living ADDventure® has trained more than 6 000 teachers, parents, teens and medical professionals since 2012 throughout South Africa.
ADHD workshops are an excellent source of information, while a talk only whets the appetite. Talks often raise more questions than the answers provided, but that too is good.
I often get questions from (usually) Moms who pepper their questions with words like, terrified, frightened, and scared, you get the picture.

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