MeMontageI have given countless talks on ADHD since I started Living ADDventure® almost 20 years ago.

These are always enjoyable for me, I love nothing more than to uplift people by talking about ADHD. For numerous people in the many audiences they have been life-changing.

In the middle of a talk in Pinetown a man yelled out that “no one gets me like you do.” His ageing mother cried on my shoulder afterwards.

At another time a woman told me she was confident that everyone else in her family had ADHD, and she was there to learn how to deal with them. Best thing ever was realising she had it too, her family is now thriving, not merely surviving!

If you want to learn more about this most common of all neurological conditions, please email me to arrange it.

A popular and cost effective format is to do a session with a school’s teachers during the day. Then in the evening I talk to the parents. This is a double whammy that brings about massive change very quickly.

I have talked in all the major centres and in many South-African dorps and towns, where farmers and other rural folk have attended.

Where there’s a need or desire to listen, I will go, we work out a way.