Email Treatment WheelADHD is a complex condition, and therefore needs to be treated by multiple interventions, for example see our Basic Treatment Wheel here.

But in order for any ADHD treatment to be effective, people in the various environments in which the ADDer lives need to become knowledgeable about ADHD.

The people we are talking about in order of importance are:
Extended family
Extra mural teachers and coaches
Spouses and significant others

The reason I put teachers at the top of the list is that in todays world they probably spend more time with the child than the parents do.

You might also wonder why the peer group don’t make the list? The peer group are largely rather cruel to anyone they want to be, and giving them more information just increases the supply of ammunition with which they can taunt hapless ADHD victims.

For any ADHD treatment to be effective, those environments need to change how they deal with the ADHD.

This rationale forms the reason for the Living ADDventure® treatment focusing primarily on changing those environments.

As soon as a teacher changes how she reacts to ADHD behaviour, the ADDer will start to flourish. The medication will start to do the job it’s supposed to do, the child will be able to learn more and in a better way. All round, the improvements to everyone’s life will be substantial.

The best way to give these environmental changes exposure to the right people is through workshops and talks.

MMTeachI have trained over 6 000 teachers over the last half-decade, sound a lot, but we are still only scratching the surface of educator ignorance.

When the teachers and the parents both have the right ADHD knowledge, the results are exponentially greater; not just double, but around 10 to twenty times greater.

I offer 1-and-2 hour talks to any size audience, I have spoken to 10 people, and to 300 people, and pretty much all the numbers in-between.

Workshops range from 1 day to 3 days. The 1 day variant is theory transfer from me to students. The 2 and 3 day editions have breakaway and interactive group sessions, and even Q&A discussions.

I always offer free talks to the parents of a school whose teachers I am doing a workshop or talk for.

A good idea is to get all the teachers from neighbouring schools together for a 2 day workshop, and run a parents talk at the end of the second day. That’s getting the 2 most important groups on the same page, all within a week.

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