Living ADDventure® has trained more than 6 000 teachers, parents, teens and medical professionals since 2012 throughout South Africa.
ADHD workshops are an excellent source of information, while a talk only whets the appetite. Talks often raise more questions than the answers provided, but that too is good.
I often get questions from (usually) Moms who pepper their questions with words like, terrified, frightened, and scared, you get the picture.

This is never the fault of the Mom, it’s quite natural to have these feelings as a parent facing ADHD in their children. The best and only method to counter these feelings is to increase you knowledge. The Internet is full of data, not all of it true, some not even remotely factual. So beware, and use the idiom, “Just Say Know!”

I offer a variety of workshops ranging from 2 hours to 2 days in duration. There are workshops for parents, for teachers, for teens, and for medical professionals.

Workshops are offered wherever you are, no matter the city, town or village. In the past we have spent three days in a small town, training all the teachers, and the parents, we even managed to persuade a psychiatrist from the “big smoke” a few hundred kilometres away to join us, and train local medical professionals.

I advertise these workshops from time-to-time. But if you feel a need, organise your own with me. For instance, get a group of Moms together, rally local school teachers to your cause as well - the more people the less the cost.

Recommend to your child’s school that the teachers do a workshop while the parents attend a talk in the evening, or, both parents and teachers have separate workshops.

If this interests you, please email me on dave@livingaddventure.com.