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Living ADDventure® provides personalised ADHD Coaching for adults who live with or alongside ADHD throughout the world using Skype.

Each person is impacted differently by their ADHD,  the type and the severity of the condition, and the current and the historical environment and the primary impact factors.

Best practice says the first step is to get a clear snapshot of the person, where they are now and to a lesser ectent, where they have been.

We have developed a comprehensive assessment tool - the  Living ADDventure® ADHD Impairments Assessment - that provides us with a base on which to go forward.

This comprehensive assessment that was designed and created by Dave Pughe-Parry establishes how YOUR ADHD prevents you from living a contented and productive life.

From that analysis we create an ADHD Coaching Plan tailored to deal with your issues in your real world.

ADHD Coaching differs from therapy in that it is directive. We do not look back except for context. We focus on changing how you deal with today and tomorrow and thereafter.

ADHD Coaching is part of managing ADHD daily, and forms part of our multi-disciplinary approach.

Take the 1st step by booking a 60 minute Skype call with a Living ADDventure ADHD Coach.

600,00 ZAR each Living ADDventure® Exploratory Interview


This is an interview with parents of an ADHD child, or an affected adult that is done via Skype. The purpose is to identify the most significant impairments. It may also include completed teacher and/or family assessment forms

This interview usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

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